PRSCO Summer Institute 2008

10th PRSCO Summer Institute 2008

Date : 15-17 May 2008, Dhaka

Theme: Regional development and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) was the theme of the 10th PRSCO Summer Institute (2008) in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


  The Summer Institute of PRSCO is a biennial international conference that brings together members of PRSCO and other persons with an interest in Regional Science and related fields to discuss research advances, current issues, and new frontiers of knowledge in Regional Science and Regional Development. The previous two Summer Institutes were held in September 2004 in Chile, hosted by the Regional Science Groups in Chile and in July 2006 in Malaysia, hosted by the Malaysia Regional Science Association (MRSA). The 10th Summer Institute of PRSCO was held in Bangladesh in May 2008 hosted by Bangladesh Regional Science Association (BRSA).